Change of an operator
in one click
in the app
CwSim is controlled via the mobile application
Change an operator with just one click via the app and stay connected in 138 countries with the best local operator

  • FAST CHOICE OF AN OPERATOR’S TARIFF in the app simplifies communication with the world
  • UNIQUE USER ID protects your card and allows you to manage connected device
  • Total balance and traffic consumption control in real time in the app
  • Optimal traffic packages 100 MB, 200 MB, 500 MB, 1 GB– depend on the duration of your trip
  • Several payment options among which VISA, Master Card and PayPal
  • Internet access local tariffs
    without roaming fees
    make you always stay connected in your favourite messengers


Marianna Merkulova
I was lucky to get participated in the closed testing procedure of CwSim and I am happy incredibly to say that I don’t need to think about the expenses for the mobile Internet in roaming anymore. Generally, it’s comfortable to use the app to manage operations, you’re connected to an operator in few seconds and you’re always online!
Oleg Gribanov
It’s a very simple device to use that provides the mobile Internet access to everybody in European Union for just 2 rubles for MB!
Alex Exler
Excellent device that really helps me a lot in my trips. Now I don’t have any head concerns about where to take the mobile Internet from, and that’s awesome.
СomfortWay - freedom of choice!
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